We are finishing our second week of the new year! (I feel the exclamation point will show you excited I am -not.)

This second week was pretty brutal. After two three day weeks, my first full week  had me hoping Tuesday was Wednesday, and Wednesday was Thursday, and so on. What I did discover as I was making my third trip to the grocery store this week, that my life can summed up by the purchases being scanned at check out.

  • salads for lunch (for this lettuce hater’s new year’s resolution)
  • provolone for Devil on Horseback – dinner tonight
  • Kleenex (the 3 box pack)
  • 8 cans of dog food

So dog food and  Kleenex is what my life has become. They have become the constant in my life – Kleenex for my husband’s nose and dog food for, well, the dog of course! I make sure I have at least a week’s worth on hand. Far be it from me to have dinner for Wrigley!  My husband and I look in the fridge, see nothing appetizing and say, “let’s go out.”

Our four legged princess can’t do that. She solely relies on us for everything – food, shelter, petting, scratching and more scratching. Let’s not forget letting her out, cleaning up the yard and all the other parts of her life like bathing – definitely not her favorite along with going to the groomers or the vet.

While my husband now has Kleenex and Princess Wrigley has food, I can relax a bit with my salads until next week. Maybe I should add wine to my grocery list…

Look at it this way – only fifty more weeks to go!

If you want to know about Devil on Horseback, drop me line! -mb


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