One of the things that I have had to deal with while planning this Reunion is not the just the desire for  more time. Two more months, please! It’s been a solitary item – small like a pebble that starts in my chest when I see a classmate’s name and I am reminded that I can no longer call them up to hear their voice or walk around the corner to see their smile. The pebble grows in sorrow and I take myself to a quiet place as soon as I can find one. I need to feel this wave of nostalgia and loss to completion.

There are so many – even while we were in school, we had a few. One day they were sitting in your creative writing class or your biology partner, and the next they weren’t. One weekend you were driving to Wisconsin like everyone else, and you find out on Monday one or two of didn’t make it back alive. Others barely made it.

In a blink of an eye these people had an impact on our lives.

Now I look at the list that grew and acknowledge a dear friend who died in child birth and my neighbor who got involved with the school board and politics and won’t be sharing his sunny disposition with us anymore. I know that the rest of us have the same or similar stories and we will have moments to share stories, lumps in our throats, and tears over the reunion weekend.

Because what’s laughter without a few tears…


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