Many of you know I’m deeply involved in the planning of my 40th Class Reunion. Yes, I am that old. And I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you one of the most wonderful afternoons I’ve spent in long time. Knowing this is just the tip of the reunion iceberg, I wanted to remind all of us the meaning of ‘reunion’.

On Sunday, I met up with Marty Ress Cornett. She was inarguably one of the most popular girls in our high school class. Cheerleading, Track, Prom and Homecoming Courts, academic accolades were among her accomplishments; she even gave the Salutation speech at Baccalaureate.

But Marty and I never really had much to connect us in high school. It wasn’t until a mutual friend brought her over for a girls’ night in at my house a few years ago did we get the chance to know each other.

We connected.

Sunday we reconnected over her high school treasures she’s willing to share with the Reunion Planning Team. Through conversations about our parents and grandparents, we found connections that were there before us. We connected over parenting in our parents’ time versus our time and the challenges that parents and children face today (and don’t even know it – but we do!).

That is Reunion!

Sure, next month it might be the crackle and anticipation of “who will be there?” but it’s also the excitement of meeting classmates for the first time. Or seeing classmates from grade school as well as high school – I’m talking to you Brian Zalar!

It’s also putting a face with a name, a body and smile with a Facebook friend.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at all the events over the Reunion Weekend. And one more shout out – Tom Whipple – we created a Sunday event just for you – get your butt in gear and buy a ticket!



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