Usually one’s summer is full of graduations, weddings and vacations. There are lazy days at the beach, nights by a campfire, water gun fights, fireworks and family reunions.

This year for me I find myself in meetings. (Maybe they need to be outdoors in this weather.) I have breakfast meetings before work, dinner meetings after work. When I’m not at the meetings I’m following through on the items discussed in the meetings or developing the agenda for the meeting.

This is where I discovered my writing halted due to the high traffic volume of analytical and procedural thoughts that now occupy my mind. They run on a continuous loop. The only writing getting down these days are press releases – and those I can tell you are no fun. Gone is the fuzziness I felt as a dreamy teen writer when I wanted to be a journalist now that I’ve been writing so many press releases.

Last week I had the chance to visit with one of my biography subjects – Francis S. He is 94 and I have to confess I am a little in love with that man. Maybe it’s the way his blue eyes sparkle as he smiles when he greets me. His story is such an interesting one – rooted so strongly in the settling of Highland Park, IL and his fateful turn to the right down the hallway at the Department of Navy that set him on his course during World War II.

On this visit I met his youngest son and together the three of us revised the biography to their satisfaction. To see Francis happy this project was complete and he could rest his mind was the best feeling for me. His son was like him, good humor, great personality and one to put you at ease at your first meeting. A truly remarkable family.  They were the spark I needed to get back on track.

My meetings won’t slow down this summer. They will start to ramp up in quantity and the events on my calendar draw near. Note to self: planning a class reunion is like planning a wedding and not knowing how many people you’re inviting or how many will come. It’s stress at whole new level. Thank goodness I have a team for this!


4 thoughts on “Life Getting in the Way

  1. Got some writing done this weekend and got back to revision the Ava story last week! Talked to Jim about this therapy piece I’m writing and he helped me realize why it’s moving slow. He was encouraging. To tell you the truth, this reunion is huge and taking a life of its own, even with a team. The Facebook comments are driving me nuts so I limit my contact with it or I’ll go over the edge.So many people don’t read. Just scroll and read people!


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