If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve been part of a highly efficient team of ninja-like classmates who are planning our 40th high school reunion.

One of my tasks was looking into an entertainment option that came across our table. So under the guise of a date night, my husband and I went out to hear a fellow classmate who happens to be an Elvis performer.

My first disclaimer is that I never knew Oscar “Elvis” Wild in high school – we went to separate campuses. You will never – after 40 years – get me to change my habits like say East High School verses West. I will always say, “East Campus and West Campus”, just like I will forever call that corner of Waukegan Lakehurst and not Fountain Square.

Sorry Fountain Square developers – but not really.

My next disclaimer was that  my husband is not a big Elvis fan (I don’t know too many men who are) and I am a warm fan – I have my favorites – about a baker’s dozen. But, we went. and I enjoyed myself a lot. Oscar and his sound man, Doc (a highly interesting man in his own right) are quite the team with Rae the female answer to what is missing in the group – intuition for what is missing or needed.

Elvis handed out silky scarves to all the ladies – even me! My orange scarf is visible in the picture above – and the delivery of this brilliant gift is accompanied with a kiss of course! What else would Elvis do?

My night was soon over, and Elvis had left the building later that night once he had thrilled his adoring fans.




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